Moo Kata Thai BBQ

Perfect for any party or event!
It is a cozy and affordable Thai food party. Enjoy with family, friends or colleagues the delicious flavors of the Traditional Thai Table BBQ.
A fantastic combination of Hotpot & Grill.

We arrive 2 hours in advance to transform your location into our restaurant.
All we need is a buffet table and a power point
and tables and chairs for the guests
We take care of the plates, bowls, cutlery, tongs and chopsticks.
Plates, baskets, rice bowl and sauce trays, Thai style napkin holder and waste bucket.
Your whole table is full of color.

After a special explanation from our BBQ Chef Mischa the party can begin.

For the enthusiast we also have Chang, Leo and Singha beer.
If you want to order side dishes, please let us know when you request a quote.
Are you ready for a unique new experience?

Conditions Asian BBQ Restaurant on Location 2022

We use 100% natural coconut briquettes.
The coconut briquette does not smoke,
does not ignite, does not smell or blow ashes on your dishes! Only glow,.
*By using coconut briquettes we protect the rainforest!


€24,50 p.p.
from 25 persons

Beef thinly sliced in delicious marinade.
Chicken thigh remains tender for a long time.
Pork in Thai marinade.
Precooked whitefish balls so quickly ready for the soup.
Peeled shrimp, cook them in the soup or grill them crispy on the BBQ.
Small piece of squid that curls up wonderfully when cooked.
Panga fillet, whitefish from the Mekong River, prefers to swim in soup.

Side dishes
Pandang rice
Sweet and sour cucumber salad

Vegetable broth with
Pak choi, Chinese cabbage, Egg, Mihoen

Homemade Sauce
Suki sauce / Green Seafood sauce

Allergy or vega
It is also possible to choose the BBQ without pork, beef or only with fish
Vegetarian guests get everything based on soy.
Please indicate in advance.