Asian BBQutie

one table restaurant in the Brugwachtershuisje on the Lage Erf Brug in Rotterdam.
Havenstraat 6
Wednesday to Sunday
first shift 3:30 pm till 6:00 pm
second shift 6:30 till 10 p.m.
open till 30 december 2022
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Party Catering

After 13 years we don´t have a location, so we come to you with our Moo Kata.
Moo Kata is a cozy Thai food party. A delicious combination of Hotpot & Grill..
Perfect for birthday, wedding, company dinners, you name it. Are you ready for a new experience?
from 25 persons

Asian BBQ On Tour

Because we don´t have our own location we go on tour through Rotterdam. Look here for our tour schedule.