Moo Kata Manual

Is the Mookata completely new to you, no worries because in the next 5 steps we will explain it.
After these steps, you'll know everything and you will use the Moo Kata like a pro.

Step 1:
Bake the cube of pork fat. Rub the pork fat on the top of the grill, or let the fat melt gently.
It ends up giving you a smooth and greasy surface to grill your meat on!
This is the way to grease your grill and you also get a stronger and more authentic taste.

Step 2:
Fill the ring with broth. Break the egg and mix it through the broth in the ring.
Then you also add the noodles and the vegetables.
This will be a delicious soup.

Step 3:
Fish and fishballs love to swim so let them cook in the soup now.
We use a lightly flavored broth to give the dish more flavor.

Step 4:
Meanwhile, the pork fat has melted nicely and it is time for the grill.
Divide the meat, shrimp and squid on the grill. Don't turn it too much.

Step 5:
When the meat is grilled, it's time to dip it in the delicious sauce and fill your bowl with the soup from the ring.
You can't go wrong. Try everything and create new flavours