Leuk dat je bij ons komt eten

Rerserveren kan voor
vrijdag t/m zondag van 13:00 t/m 17:00
As you know, the hospitality industry must close from 28 november early at 5 pm. and is obliged to ask for your QR code or negative test.
On the terrace it is not necessary !
We would like it if you cooperate and show your QR code upon entering.
We didn't make it up but risk a fine or closure if we don't do it.
We hope that this measure will soon disappear, but until then we must make the best of it.

Thanks and see you soon.




vanaf 18:00 uur gratis parkeren /
zondag hele dag gratis
Terras aanwezig
Pinautomaat aanwezig
Goeie muziek
Geen wifi
Tram 8, halte Oostkousdijk
Per groep één rekening
Open woensdag t/m zondag