The only traditional Thai BBQ restaurant in the Netherlands
due to covid 19 we are only open for take away. Check out our menu and call for pick up.

Asian BBQ is open a few months a year. Normaly from July till the end of december The other months of the year we live in Thailand.
Life is too good to work always. So don't miss it, we'll be leaving before you know it.
Due to Covid we are still in Holland and open for Take Away.

If you want to make a reservation for the day itself, and it is after 4 pm, please inform us by telephone

Take Away openingshours: friday till sunday 17:00 tot 20:30

What is Moo Kata

The Traditional Thai BBQ (Moo Kata)

Asian BBQ Restaurant is the only restaurant in the Netherlands with the traditional Carcoal Thai BBQ.
It is a cozy and affordable Thai dining party.
This closed BBQ comes hot on the table.
After a special explanation of our BBQ Chef you can make a choice from our
extensive buffet with different types of marinated meat and fish.
Deliciously scented pandan rice and cucumber salad to cool the spicy sauces.
Our homemade sauces are from sweet to spicy so for everybody's taste.
With the fresh vegetables you can flavor the broth in the ring of the BBQ.
The flavors of meat and fish gives the soup
a delicious taste.
Asian BBQ is a mix of hot pot and grill.

In addition to the BBQ we have a small menu with Thai curry, Salads & Asian Bites
We have Thai beer, Delicious wine, soda and the popular 'Bucket'

Asian BBQ is very suitable for corporate parties, public holidays or anniversaries.
Are you ready for a unique new experience?

Moo Kata Buffet
€ 19.50
Kids price: age 4 till 10 year € 10.50

All You Can Enjoy
Thin sliced beef in delicious marinade
Tender pieces of chicken
Thin sliced pieces of porkmeat in traditional thai marinade

Pre-cooked fishballs which are quickly ready for the soup
Peeled shrimps, boil them in the soup or grill them crispy on the BBQ
Small pieces of squid, when they curl up they are ready to eat.
Panga fillet, whitefish from the Mekong river which likes to swim in the soup

Side dishes
Pandang rice
Sweet / sour cucumber salad
Dipsauce & 3 different homemade sauces
Prik nam pla (spicy sauce)

Base broth is always already in the ring of the Asian BBQ
Pack choi
Chinese cabbage
Thai basil

It is also possible to choose for example a bbq without pork or only with fish. Vegetarian? That's possible, let us know one day in advance.