Asian BBQutie in the Brugwachtershuisje

Big News for a Small Location.
Thursday 16 Sept. 2022 we opened our Restaurant Asian BBQutie in the Brugwachtershuisje on the Lage Erfbrug in Delfshaven Rotterdam.
It is very nice but very small so we only have one Tableinside. Perfect for a small group up to 10 people.
If you come with less, you join others.
Small terrace and a windowsill table for the small menu. View of the Schie.
You choose the Moo Kata or Menu
We are open till the end of december.

Moo Kata & Menu

Kom je bij ons eten dan kies je voor de Moo Kata of van het menu
MOO KATA ( what is Moo Kata )
€24,50 p.p.

Beef thinly sliced in delicious marinade.
Chicken thigh remains tender for a long time.
Pork in Thai marinade.
Precooked whitefish balls so quickly ready for the soup.
Peeled shrimp, cook them in the soup or grill them crispy on the BBQ.
Small piece of squid that curls up wonderfully when cooked.
Panga fillet, whitefish from the Mekong River, prefers to swim in soup.

Side dishes
Pandang rice
Sweet and sour cucumber salad

Vegetable broth with
Pak choi, Chinese cabbage, Egg, Mihoen

Homemade Sauce
Suki sauce / Green Seafood sauce

Allergy or vega
It is also possible to choose the BBQ without pork, beef or only with fish
Vegetarian guests get everything based on soy.
Please indicate in advance.


Som Tam (Papaya salad) € 11,50
Laab kai (gehakte kip salade) € 12,50
Lahpet Thoke (Burmese tea salad) € 11,50 Very special!!

THAI CURRY of the WEEK € 10,50
choice of chicken, pig, beef, fish, vega, shrimp

Rice € 1,50
Fried egg € 2,-

picante olives €2,50

spekkoek € 3.-
pandan spekkoek & banana icecream € 5,-
Mango sticky rice € 8,-

Thai iced koffie €4,50
Thai iced tea €4,50
Thai iced green tea €4,50
Calpico yoghurt / soda mix €2,50

Classic Italian coffee
koffie / espresso €2,20
cappuccino / verkeerd €2,80
dubbele espresso €3,00

black tea €2,00
fresh mint tea €2,50
fresh gnger tea €2.50
Herbal green tea €2.50

Frozenshakes €4,50
Cocos, Mango, Banana. watermeloen