From our restaurant you walk Immediately up to the Roofpark                                      
A lovely place for a picnic with friends or your lover.
Find a nice place in the shade, roll out your mat and enjoy
of all the tastefull food that you have with you.

Because Asian BBQ Restaurant presents the PINTO!

This Pinto Picnic set consists of a turret of 4 piled boxes and
is filled with delicious dishes,
bites and sweets. Each box has a different dish.
We will borrow the mat.
So, enjoy with Thai food and the views over Rotterdam!

Pinto sets pic up
During opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday from 16:00
Before opening hours:
Between 12:00 and 15:30 from 4 Pinto sets order

Terms: € 25, - deposit and we take a photo of your identification

Make a choice out of the sets or combine 2 if your are with 2

SET 1 :     Curry of the week with fish, pig vega or chicken, pandan rice with a fried egg, burmese tealeaf salad

SET 2 :    schrimp and cheese qroquetes, vega mini springroll, spicy fries with homemade mayo, skewer porkmeat

SET 3 :    spekkoek, mango sticky rice, banana springroll, fluffy pancakes sweetmilk

Set price: €17,50

(Set can change when dishes are finished)

Order your Pinto Picnic Set here